Our team


A consortium of 15 partners coordinated by ACTeon, will work on ResponSEAble. The strengths of our Consortium are the combination of expertise and skills, the capacity to cover all components of the ocean knowledge system, from the production of knowledge to its final use experience in a wide range of communication and literacy products and initiatives.

Our team coverage of the main regional seas relevant to the EU (the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic façade) Its transatlantic dimension an excellent access to the main regional, European and international Networks on Marine knowledge.



UBO AMURE - Centre for the law and economics of the sea is a research group of the University of Brest (UBO) focusing on the study of economic and legal dimensions of public policies related to maritime activities and ecosystem preservation. UBO will lead WP2 about the ocean economy organization and will also contribute to the other work packages.



Assistant professor at the Faculty for Law and Economics of UBO since 1993. Vice-director of the UMR AMURE research unit. Interest in economics of marine resources and coastal environment, evaluation of public policies for sustainable development. Coordinator of several EU funded research programs on fisheries and aquaculture, ICZM policies, Climate Change and assessment of marine ecosystem services. Scientific coordinator for ResponSEAble at UBO, leader of WP2.

Pascal RAUX

Pascal RAUX

Economist, researcher at UMR AMURE, university of Brest (UBO). Member of the management board of the European Institute for Marine Studies. Interest in aquaculture economics, ICZM and public policies analyses. Involved in ResponSEAble’s WP2 and 4.