Our team


A consortium of 15 partners coordinated by ACTeon, will work on ResponSEAble. The strengths of our Consortium are the combination of expertise and skills, the capacity to cover all components of the ocean knowledge system, from the production of knowledge to its final use experience in a wide range of communication and literacy products and initiatives.

Our team coverage of the main regional seas relevant to the EU (the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic façade) Its transatlantic dimension an excellent access to the main regional, European and international Networks on Marine knowledge.



CSP is a research organization, working on ICT applied research and industrial development. CSP is non-profit and has public and private shareholders. Since 1999, CSP has been performing the technology transfer of its R&D outputs to local communities, SMEs, PAs, schools and education player. CSP works in cooperation with academia and SMEs in collaborative research projects and with user communities in Living Labs. In the learning sector, since 1998 CSP has promoted ICT and Media in education both in EU and regional projects. CSP is involved in WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6, WP7

Eleonora Pantò

Eleonora Pantò

Eleonora is in charge of technological projects dealing with social computing and particularly referring to elearning, social media strategy, MOOC, gaming. For Responseable she will work on social media in ocean literacy, social media and behaviour change, serious and applied game for online and mutual learning.

Lara Marcellin

Lara Marcellin

Project Manager with strong skills in UX, interaction design and usability. Extensive experience in design tools, methods and processes - with a special focus on User-Centered Design and Living Labs methodology (co-creation, exploration, experimentation and evaluation). Over 10 years of experience in multiplatform design - web, mobile, wearable and multitouch apps- and in different aspects of the design across multiple media.