Our team


A consortium of 15 partners coordinated by ACTeon, will work on ResponSEAble. The strengths of our Consortium are the combination of expertise and skills, the capacity to cover all components of the ocean knowledge system, from the production of knowledge to its final use experience in a wide range of communication and literacy products and initiatives.

Our team coverage of the main regional seas relevant to the EU (the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic façade) Its transatlantic dimension an excellent access to the main regional, European and international Networks on Marine knowledge.

The Marine Foundation


The marine Foundation's work is important because like all great movements it makes the invisible-visible. And...in so doing makes the ocean a place that creates moments remembered when we return to land. This is crucial in developing the will and understanding to champion the cause of the ocean. Your work does this and its message is beginning to bear fruit. Tim Smitt, Founder of the Eden Project, UK.

Celia Gregory

Celia Gregory

Celia Gregory is an Eco artist and founder of the Marine Foundation which aims to communicate Marine environmental issues in ways that are creative and positive, through education, raising awareness as well as developing real community led initiatives. On ResponSEAble she is participating in their communications as well as facilitating the children education programs.