D1.1       Overview of Human-Ocean relationship and evaluation of key stories

D1.2       The ResponSEAble Knowledge Base: User and Technical Manual

D1.3       A critical review of existing knowledge

D2.1       Diving into the functionning of the ocean market economy. Assessment framework for investigating the organization of key segments of the ocean economy

D2.2       Analyzing values chains for identifying opportunities for reducing pressures on marine ecosystems

D 3.1      Communication and Perception of the Human-Ocean Relationship. Assessment framework investigating the existing knowledge system of ocean literacy

D3.2       The knowledge system of the Human-Ocean Relationship in Europe. Analysis of sources of ocean literacy (media types) methodology used and first results

D3.3       Perceptions of the Human-Ocean Relationship in Europe. Report on the ocean perception analysis

D3.4       Building Ocean Literacy -The ResponSEAble way. Connecting people to the ocean. Synthesis of the WP1&3, EU workshop

D3.5       The human-ocean-relationship and responsible ocean literacy. Final WP3 report on the interdependencies between marine communication and information channels, ocean narratives, and knowledge reception of relevant societal stakeholders

D4.1       Regional aspects of the European Ocean Literacy. Approach and results of the regional workshops

D4.2       Issues and options note.  Analysis of the recommendations from the first series of  regional workshops

D4.3       Building European Ocean Literacy strategy: series of webinars

D4.4       Report presenting the results of WP4 and the recommendations developed

D4.5       An interactive internet guidance for supporting the development of cost-effective ocean-focused awareness raising strategies

D5.1       Developing the process for elaborating communication material & Products

D5.2       Social Media Presence and Campaigns

D5.3       Short documentary films

D5.4       A Youth Film Competition

D5.5       Ocean Literacy tools for maritime professionals

D5.6       Ocean literacy tools for children and schools

D5.7       Interactive Platform as tool for ocean literacy

D5.8       Serious and Applied Games

D5.9       Interactive Visualisations and Maps

D5.10    A practical guide for the development of Ocean Literacy material and products

D6.1       Policy briefs on the key messages

D7.1       Summary of work with the ResponSEAble Ocean Literacy Think Tank (OLTT)

D7.1       Web Documentary concept

D7.4       Web Documentary  – an interactive internet guidance for supporting the development of cost-effective ocean-focused awareness raising strategie