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A consortium of 15 partners coordinated by ACTeon, will work on ResponSEAble. The strengths of our Consortium are the combination of expertise and skills, the capacity to cover all components of the ocean knowledge system, from the production of knowledge to its final use experience in a wide range of communication and literacy products and initiatives.

Our team coverage of the main regional seas relevant to the EU (the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic façade) Its transatlantic dimension an excellent access to the main regional, European and international Networks on Marine knowledge.



SEVEN ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS is a newly established Greek SME providing engineering consulting services. Its fields of intervention are in the areas of water resources, environment, energy, geology and urban planning. Our strategic objective is to provide integrated and workable solutions, combining both advanced consulting and engineering research expertise. In its short period of operation SEVEN has successfully participated in various EU and national projects: eartH2Observe, ABOT, SPADIS, Flood Risk Management Plans for GR RBBs, Drought & Water Scarcity Management Plans for GR RBDs. Within RESPONSEABLE we participate in all WPs, and lead a CS on ballast water/invasive species and the development of interactive internet platforms in public areas.

Maggie Kossida

Maggie Kossida

Maggie is has a great experience in integrated water resources management, hydrological modeling, development of river basin management plans, climate change adaptation, analysis of water related vulnerability and risk, science-policy interfacing. She has been actively involved as project manager in more than 15 EU projects, in various EU expert groups, and has provided consulting services for both the public and private sector.

Anastasia Tekidou

Anastasia Tekidou

Anastasia is a GIS specialist with post graduate studies in Environmental Water Resources Management. She has great experience in Geographic Information Systems, hydrological modeling and water resources management. She has been actively involved in more than 10 EU and national projects relative to water resources management.